Schads Bilder in New York

Schads Bilder in New York                    Text in deutsch

New York City, March 2003

Eckhart Schwab from the Miesbach Schad Verein visits exhibition in New York.

Miesbach - In 1936 already Christian Schad's trails lead to New York. At that time it was the world famous photograms, invented by him in 1919 and also named after him - Schadographs. Tristan Tzara borrowed them and brought them to New York. Schad saw them again in 1955. He learned that they have been exhibited at the meanwhile legendary Exhibition "Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism" in the New York Museum of Modern Art, without his knowledge. Today, 67 years later, the Neue Galerie on the Museum Mile at 5th Avenue and 86th Street in New York dedicates a grandios exhibition "Christian Schad". In the Neue Galerie all main works of Christian Schad from the times of Neue Sachichkeit are presented. They have been brought together from Museums like New Tate Galerie, London; Museee Pompidou, Paris; Kunsthalle, Berlin; Museum of Modern Art, New York. About 25 of his famous oil paintings are shown. Also Schadographs Graphic and Reliefs. The Neue Galerie accommodated in a former embassy building from the turn of the century is an expo home for German and Austrian Art of the classical Moderne. The co-founder of this unique museum, Serge Sabarsky, has furnished a wonderful Wiener Cafe.

Here the visitor can enjoy an artistic ambiente surrounded by Art Deco Design Wierner Schnitzel to Austrian wines, also specialities from the k. and k. monarchie like Palatschinken. Some of Christian Schad's works have been painted in Vienna. Also his son Nikolaus lives there.

Eckhart Schwab from the Verein Christian Schad Museumsfreunde visited the Christian Schad Exhibition in the Neue Galerie in New York. He was very impressed by the presentation of the paintings created by the Miesbach/Bavaria born artist. In one room paintings of Christian Schad are shows together with his contemporary colleges Max Beckmann, George Grosz and Otto Dix. In another floor the Neue Galerie presents at the same time paintings by Gustav Klimt and a wonderful slection "Art & Design, 1890 to 1940 from Austria".

Astonished was Eckhart Schwab to find in the museums bookshop some copies of the catalogue, "Christian Schad, ein weltberühmter Sohn kehrt heim", (a world famous son comes home). This catalogue was published in 1999 for the Christian Schad Exhibition in Miesbach, from the town of Miesbach and the Christian Schad Museumsfreunde. It was a great pleasure for the visitor from Miesbach/Bavaria to discover this!

He also was able to present a copy of the latest creation sponsored by Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee and the Christian Schad friends: recently Marianne Fischer and three schoolgirls of the Gymnasium Miesbach created a Christian Schad CD. The New York Museum's director was very much pleased about this present. They admired very much the Miesbach Schad product. At the same time contacts have been made with the Museum's management.

Miesbach is mentioned everywhere as Christian Schad's birthplace.

In New York, as well as in Paris where it was before it went to New York, this exhibition is a worldwide cultural connection.

If the Miesbacher Trachtenverein (costume club) participates in the Steuben parade in New York next year, presenting our town Miesbach with real folk costume, a unique combination of Avantgarde and Tradition in New York will be perfect.

It was a real good feeling for the visitor from Miesbach after his final visit in Cafe Sabarsky walking through Central Park. The wonderful impressions melting with his mind.

Maybe some of these days we also can present Christian Schad in our own Museum in his birh town, like New York, Paris and London do.

A momentarily so-called "anti-American mood" because of the war against terrorism Eckhart Schwab didn't recognize. It is all exaggerated by the newspapers. German-American relation, in culture and economics for more than 200 years is strong and positive woven. It can stand a lot. It survived even more difficult times - very well indeed!

Like in Paris you also can find in the Neue Galerie bookstore a catalogue from the Munich publisher Schirmer & Mosel, Christian Schad and the Neue Sachlichkeit Das Fruewerk 1915-1935.

Eckhart Schwab from the Christian Schad Museumsfreunde Miesbach, was welcomed by Stephanie Dubsky, Director of the Design-Shops in the Neuen Galerie in New York.